A music lover and maker, a PhD student, a creative and intuitive creature, a woman who will walk out of your dreams and meet you in reality. My name is Meridith Ye. I like everything technical in nature. Music production is my favorite hobby. Have you seen a behemoth, wired-up analogue modular rack before? It numbs my finger tips every time I watch a performance of it. I like to start my day with a cup of lemon ginger tea and reading through three news outlets. I am an insatiable learner of many disciplines ranging from neuroscience to electrical engineering. But when I am asked of my opinions of the matter centered on our conversation, I am more likely to outline my thinking process complemented with ideas borrowed from others, and end with observations and reflections rather than positivist conclusions. I hope I piqued your interest a bit. Please email to inquire! 1 H$ 1, 000; 1.5 H $1, 500; 2 H $ 1, 800; 3 H $ 2, 500; 4 H $ 3, 000; 6 H –$ 4, 000; Overnight $ 6, 500; One day $ 8, 000

Interests Things I like to consume: noodles, lotus root, tequila, gin, nectarine, cashew. Things I like to possess: many machines to make music, Alexandrite (my birth stone), contemporary art pieces in sculpture, photos, and paintings Things I like to do when I am with myself: making music, making Arduino projects, writing academic papers crazily, writing poetic stuff that intend to invoke collective experience, intepretate and sample the content in my dreams, shopping gifts for friends and family, cooking, reading, and watching a lot of animations, sit-coms, and sci-fi shows.

Expectations Screening is mandatory. Please visit my website for more info;)


  • Gender Female
  • Age 26
  • Weight 0
  • Height 170
  • Eyes Brown
  • Bust Size
  • Bust Type
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Length Long
  • Travel
  • Orientation
  • Smoker
  • Provides
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • Nationality
  • Meeting With Couples Man Woman
  • Languages

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