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Highly intuitive, I am never lacking in depth. I always remain in touch with my emotions and desires as well as yours. If you are intrigued by a mix of strength and empathy – the likely result is a strong bond. Your need for a relaxing encounter pairs well with my inquisitive nature. Our time together — and the high you leave with — will be strikingly sensual and restful. It will be ours alone. I have an insatiable mind. I am constantly folding my passions into my work and finding new pursuits. I am known to be a natural. I weave something into my life from every relation- whether it be with an inspiring text, exquisite omakase, evocative scents, new investments, or with you. I am waiting with open fervor to find your edge, to take it off. I long to flex my skills of knowing touch and presence of mind. Anything to bring mind and body closer together. We can follow our own methods. I do not believe in any binary conceptions of life and I do not subscribe to one static role. The means of fulfillment and excitement are all around. I am told I can cooly command the atmosphere of any room. I am also known for my calming affect. There is mystery in my hazel eyes, but once you know what is on my mind, you won’t stop thinking about it either. I am in bold pursuit of the unknown. I can say it has led me to the most divine altars. We are capable of so much more than quotidian desires. So allow me to press upon you: we need to get together to find out.

Interests Art history, architecture, contemporary poetry, female-led relationships, deviance, ancient and embodied science, martial arts, and somatic therapy.

Expectations Write to me - Please take a moment to fill out my contact form which includes my screening requirements, or draft an email with the list provided on my website. - I encourage you to plan ahead so that I may organize my schedule with ease. I believe this leads to the most carefree and dreamy date. - For the more spontaneous, I encourage you to send me your screening information ahead of time. This will make same day bookings more possible.


  • Gender Female
  • Age 28
  • Weight 0
  • Height 172
  • Eyes Hazel
  • Bust Size
  • Bust Type
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Length Long
  • Travel
  • Orientation
  • Smoker
  • Provides
  • Ethnicity European (white)
  • Nationality
  • Meeting With Couples Man Woman
  • Languages

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