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Me: Worth Your Time My Firefighter Career: Over My Enthusiasm: All-In Housing My Family: Worth It Hi. Doing this (actually following through with the nature of this post) is going to result in my career being destroyed, and years of school plus 50+ certifications becoming next to worthless. Please keep reading. It gets better soon... I'm a (former) first responder and we need a short-term place to live. 2 months is realistic while I apply for disability. i have PTSD for pediatric trauma/pediatric fatality. i was just released from an amazing program Specifically for veterans and 1st responders 2 to jump start the healing process for career related trauma. As a direct result of the life altering consequences from a horrific crime that was committed against one of my immediate family members, our family is unexpectedly homeless. We are in a small room in a shelter and with multiple legitimate disabilities in our immediate family unit, we are seeking adequate lodging. One family member is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. i have a nectarine-sized tumor on within my right flank that requires surgery. it is not noticable visually, but it is palpable. I will not be going I'm for surgery until life is stable. This is my choice. I am willing to do ANYTHING that will not kill me, maim me or cause any visible harm that will be seen by my family members. I also will be abailable as often as possible and am more than willing to make a schedule. Please do not involve my family members. One of them attempted to take their life and the resulting medical journey from that (separate) event has taken it's own devastating toll on our family. Please, if you recognize me, I request that you just move on. I already am copimg with the reality that I will fail a polygraph test for and have to (anonymously for any client) admit to any activities for which I exchange for lodging for my family. There is no need to take any exposure into your own hands. My spirit hurts a little but I am willingly and enthusiastically prepared to ensure that my family has adequate temporary housing. I acknownledge the nature of what I am offering is in line with what this site implies. No sex will be exchanged for money blah blah blah. Let's live in reality, we're all adults here. I do not have time to "bs". Please do not waste my time. IF you are willing AND capable of meeting the immediate needs I have shared, and the only thing stopping you from following throu is the desire for proof of everything I have described in regards to the specifics of our family's devastating life circumstances, I will provide any and all documemtation, with contact information for a substantial amount of references(which you can verify while maintaining your anonymity by using an alias for yourself as a "potential employer:), in addition to my LinkedIn, ability to view original hospital records (for myself), links to my social media account that go back as far as 2009, links to public websites that feature me in action in my career, active in the community, and I will even provide the link to view my government background check. My life has been lived with care. I am not a goody two shoes and I have no judgement for you or any human. I know about all of the social agencies and charity resources, and have been on waiting lists or been unable to comply with the requirements of working, due to valid, legitimate pediatric medical roadblocks that there is no solution for because "disability covers it" but we are at the very beginning of the disability process. I do not plan to make a career of this site, but i guarantee that I am everything i say I am and have zero desire to waste your time or mine. The non-monetary cost of my decision to post this is high and my life and career will be forever impacted, so please respect my time and I will do likewise. Please note that your choice to engage with me will be honored and I am confident that you should have no regrets. If you are law enforcement, I understand the risks, and I pray that you would only target me if you absolutely must. I am aware of the dangers. I have no other options. Please understand that I do not need helpful hints that do not involve your direct meeting of the needs that I have described. I am not having to give any of my resources to someone above me. I have made my peace with God, but harming me will affect more than just me. Lastly, I am desperate, but also intelligent and am wise to the darker realities of world in which we live. Thank you. Please also note: My stated age is accurate but my lifestyle has been healthy and my photo is unfiltered. Also I do not have a collage cheese pouch of an abdomen..... ...although that tummy information is only for informative purposes and I have no negative thoughts towards the mom-bod. That is just a souvenir that some have after accomplishing the amazing task of being a human that lived with another human being INSIDE their body... that they GREW. Show some love.


  • Gender Female
  • Age 37
  • Weight 64
  • Height 167
  • Eyes Blue
  • Bust Size C
  • Bust Type Natural
  • Hair Color Red
  • Hair Length Medium-long
  • Travel Countrywide
  • Orientation Bisexual
  • Smoker No
  • Provides Outcall
  • Ethnicity European (white)
  • Nationality American
  • Meeting With Couples Man
  • Languages English

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